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What did Homer Smuggle aboard the Space Shuttle
what is Chief Wiggum's first name
what is the Simpsons dog name
who wrote the itchy and scratchy episode called 'Little Barbershop of Horrors''
what is Homer's musical group the Be-Sharps hit song
Who says 'hey Bart your epidermis is showing'
what is the name of Ned Flanders Store in the mall
What did homer name his pet lobster
Who collects Malibu Stacy dolls
What is Ms. Krabapple's first name
Artie Ziff was Marge's date for what event
what is the name of the street the Simpsons live on
what is the name of the Springfield baseball team
Who opens the Springfield casino
what platoon was grandpa apart of that left a treasure of paintings
Who teaches music at Springfield elementary
how old where Homer and Marge when they first met
What is the name of Mr. Burns beloved teddy bear
what was the nationality of the people who bought the power plant from Mr. Burns
what profession was snake before he became a criminal
who are Marge's sisters
what position does Lisa play in Hockey
what animal gave Bart lice
when homer changes his name to Max Power where did he get that name
Who is the Plow King
what is the name of Bart's evil twin
who is El Barto
How old is Ned Flanders
Who invented the Flaming Moe
who is Lisa's Jazz idol
What is skinner allergic too
what are the color of Marge's eyes
what does Bart name his elephant
Who is Patty and Selma's favorite star
who are Kang and Kodos
what is Homer's middle name
Who were the Simpson kids foster parents
what Instrument does Lisa play
who is the founder of Springfield
In the '24' parody episode what event must be defended from the bullies
what football team was given to homer from Hank Scorpio
who frames Krusty for robbing the KwiK-E-Mart
what is the name of the third itchy and scratchy character who is voiced by Homer
who was the Springfield Olympic mascot created by Homer
what does Bart want to come back as in the next life because 'no one ever suspects the ______'

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