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A marsupial that can jump up to 40 feetAnimals
This fish has a memory span of 3 secoundsAnimals
The only bird that can fly backwardsAnimals
In Africa what animal is responsible for the most human fatalitiesAnimals
The only known species not to suffer from cancerAnimals
Bolivia is in what continentGeography
What Canadian province is seperate from the mainlandGeography
Name one of Mongolia's neighbouring countriesGeography
Brazil is surrounded by what oceanGeography
What is the capital of australiaGeography
What is the 7th planet from the sunSpace
What _____ belt lies bewteen the orbit of jupiter and marsSpace
How many stars make up the Big Dipper constellation (has to be typed in letters for some reason)Space
What planet is closest in size to the earthSpace
A light year is a unit of measurement of whatSpace
The worlds tallest building resides in what cityStructures
The Statue of Liberty was a gift from what nationStructures
How many storey's are there in the empire state buildingStructures
With only two expetions every British Monarch has been crowned thereStructures
What is the name of opening stadium for the 2008 olympics in ChinaStructures

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