The World According to Green Day

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Can you name the answers to these questions according to Green Day songs?

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What do I wanna be?
What do I not wanna be?
Where does time grab you?
What do I sometimes give myself?
What bible am I from?
What will the sirens of decay do?
What's the only one that walks beside me?
What happens when I'm so damn bored?
What do you gotta know?
Where will your sympathy get you?
Wherever you go, where do you know I'll be?
When will you know where I'll be found?
Where should you throw up your arms?
When should you wake me up?
How long have I been waiting?
What am I off when I'm hitchin' a ride?
What is this the dawning of?
Why am I having trouble trying to sleep?
What is my generation?
What do I think is alright?

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