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Can you name the titles of these songs from the lyrics that mention them?

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'But me and Cinderalla, we put it all together, we can drive it home with _______'
'_______ addicted to the shin dig, cop top he says I'm gonna win big'
'Confusion never stops, closing walls and ticking _______'
' _______ you had a boyfriend who looked like a girlfriend I had in February of last year'
'Your past times consisted of the strange and twisted and deranged and I love that little game you had called _______'
'I've been _______ a long time for this moment to come by'
'Will I choose water over wine and hold my own and _______?'
'Cause I'm _______ and I'm trying to keep above in my head instead of going under'
'I'm feeling _______, give me gin and tonic'
'I am not a _______ since I prefer to follow'
'_______, true care truth brings'
'Woo-ee-oo, I look just like _______, oh-oh and you're Mary Tyler Moore'
'I may be dumb but I'm not a dweeb, I'm just a sucker with no _______'
'I'm your lover, I'm your _______, I'm the face in your dreams of glass'
'But I'm a _______, I'm a weirdo, what the hell am I doing here?'
'Lights out, _______, turn that s*** up'
' _______ in the sky, when you lose small mind you free your life'
'Cut my life into pieces, this is my _______'
'You're _______, what if I say I will never surrender?'
'I'm not crazy, I'm just a little _______, I know, right now you can't tell'
'Cause it's _______ and all of the people'
'There's a place off _______ where I used to sit and talk with you'
'_______, fell in love once and almost completely'
'Our _______, you can't push it underground, you can't stop it screaming out'
'You take the _______ right out of me, you left a hole where my heart should be'
'I'm on the _______, I'm looking in, I can see through you, see to the real you'
'I can ride my bike with no _______'
'Out of the doubt that clouds my mind, I somehow find you and I _______'
'I will buy you a new house way up in the west hills, _______, yes I will'
'_______, followed, heavy about everything but my love'

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