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ClueMovieDirector, Year
LipsSpielberg, 1975
The MediumWachowski, 1999
Left by the Means of the StormFleming, 1939
Afflict Daylight Hours DayLumet, 1975
The Flora and FaunaHitchcock, 1963
Self-government Daylight HoursEmmerich, 1996
UnfamiliarScott, 1979
Earth of the ChimpanzeesSchaffner, 1968
The Mealtime AssociationHughes, 1985
CityLang, 1927
The Harm StoreroomBigelow, 2008
Plaything TaleLasseter, 1995
ClueMovieDirector, Year
Celebrity ConflictsLucas, 1977
Funeral Song For a VisionAronofsky, 2000
My Pale WomanCukor, 1964
Pinnacle FirearmScott, 1986
Latent LovelinessGeronimi, 1959
Rejection State for Aged GentlemenCoen, 2007
Soft Tissue Creative WritingTarantino, 1994
A Number of Similar To It BurningWilder, 1959
Creature HomeLandis, 1978
The ObsessionCarpenter, 1982
ColossalCameron, 1997
Everlasting Sunlight of the Immaculate BrainGondry, 2004

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