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Can you name the x-men from X-men Evolution?

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Optic blastsFirst generation student
Telepathy and telekinesisFirst generation student
Creation of energy ballsNew recruit / Temporary Brotherhood
Wolf like formNew recruit
Animal like appearance and dexterityMale teacher
Self-duplicationNew recruit
Master of magnetismEnemy
Generation of colourful plasmaNew recruit
Reptile like tendenciesBrotherhood
Energy absorption First generation student
Psychic projectionNeutral mutant / ally of Kitty
Manipulation of fireAccolyte
TeleportationFirst generation student
Harness electricityNew recruit
Control of weatherFemale teacher
TelepathHeadmaster of school
Manipulation of iceNew recruit
Energy blasts from handsNeutral mutant / Future x-man
Charge objects with kinetic energyFuture x-man / Accolyte
Multiple powers, all powerfulEnemy
Healing powers, adamantium clawsCreation of Hydra / Future x-man
Projectile spikesFirst generation student
Animalistic tendenciesAccolyte
Generation of seismic wavesBrotherhood
Jet propulsionNew recruit
Superhuman speedBrotherhood
Detection of other mutantsMorlock
Healing powers / adamantium clawsMale teacher
Manipulation of magmaNew recruit
Solar energy absorptionNew recruit
Turns skin to metalFuture x-man / Accolyte
Superhuman technological skills and intelligenceNeutral mutant / ally of Kurt
Creation of hexesBrotherhood
Superhuman speed / enhanced sensesMorlock
Phasing abilityFirst generation student
FlightFuture x-man
Superhuman strength and durabilityBrotherhood

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