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Jet propulsionNew recruit
Charge objects with kinetic energyFuture x-man / Accolyte
Projectile spikesFirst generation student
Superhuman technological skills and intelligenceNeutral mutant / ally of Kurt
Wolf like formNew recruit
Optic blastsFirst generation student
Manipulation of iceNew recruit
FlightFuture x-man
Superhuman strength and durabilityBrotherhood
TeleportationFirst generation student
Creation of energy ballsNew recruit / Temporary Brotherhood
Manipulation of magmaNew recruit
Reptile like tendenciesBrotherhood
Solar energy absorptionNew recruit
Phasing abilityFirst generation student
Animal like appearance and dexterityMale teacher
Energy absorption First generation student
Superhuman speedBrotherhood
Psychic projectionNeutral mutant / ally of Kitty
Energy blasts from handsNeutral mutant / Future x-man
Harness electricityNew recruit
Self-duplicationNew recruit
Control of weatherFemale teacher
Manipulation of fireAccolyte
Master of magnetismEnemy
Generation of colourful plasmaNew recruit
TelepathHeadmaster of school
Turns skin to metalFuture x-man / Accolyte
Multiple powers, all powerfulEnemy
Detection of other mutantsMorlock
Telepathy and telekinesisFirst generation student
Healing powers, adamantium clawsCreation of Hydra / Future x-man
Superhuman speed / enhanced sensesMorlock
Animalistic tendenciesAccolyte
Creation of hexesBrotherhood
Generation of seismic wavesBrotherhood
Healing powers / adamantium clawsMale teacher

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