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Definition/ClueWord ending in 'ack'
The unlawful seizure of an aircraft or automobile by an individual or a group
To plunder or pillage
What Wal-Mart does with their prices
A U.S. brand of treat consisting of caramel-coated popcorn and peanuts
To make a sudden, sharp noise; the sound that horses' hooves make on cobblestone
To assault; fall upon with force; assail
A vivid mental image of a past trauma, especially one that recurs
A small, round, bead-filled, cloth bag that is kicked around
This is also called a speedway
The accompanying music to a motion picture, television program or video game
A bag carried by a strap(s) on your shoulder; usually used to carry books
The most widely played casino banking game in the world
Definition/ClueWord ending in 'ack'
The sound ducks make
The ear-piercing sound heard when a microphone gets too close to a speaker
Quasimodo is one
The term for riding a horse without a saddle
A pancake
A position in American and Canadian football; leader of the offensive team
When something is riding on the back of something else; considered a ride to young children
A species of turtle, rattlesnake, or moth; or a MLB team
An item of food eaten between meals; candy bars, potato chips, and nuts fall into this category
A building for soldiers; to support (as in a sports team)
To return a phone call or to be chosen to re-audition for a play
A book with flexible binding; The Beatles sang of this type of writer

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