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Parthenon447 BC
Notre Dame Cathedral1160-1345
Mona Lisa1500
Statue of Liberty1886
Westminster Abbey1245
Taj Mahal1632
Sistine Chapel1473
The Birth of Venus1480
Saint Paul's Cathedral1708
Mount Rushmore1927-1941
Empire State Building1931
St. Peter's Basilica1626
The Persistence of Memory1931
Abraham Lincoln Memorial1922
The Thinker1900
The Shooting Company of Captain Franz Banning Cocq1642
School of Athens1509
Last Supper1495-1498
American Gothic1930
Davidc. 1440
The Arnolfini Wedding1434
The Death of Marat1793
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum1959
Uffizi Palace1560-1581
The Gates of Hell1880
The Third of May, 18081814
Chrysler Building1930
Starry Night1889
Arrangement in Gray and Black, No. 1: The Artist's Mother 1871
Gateway Arch1965
Eiffel Tower1889
Cathedral of Florence1420
Temple of Jerusalem10th century BC
United States Capitol1793-1811 (reconstructed 1815-1826)
Las Meninas1656

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