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outermost layer of Earth
Where two plates move apart
Wind is deflected by Earth spinning on its axis
Outermost layer where the atmosphere begins to blend into space
3.8 billion years ago to 2.5 billion years ago
Where tectonic plates slide past each other
tiny particles and droplets of liquids
Movement of air due to changes in air pressure
Layer that is closest to the Earth’s surface
Where two plates move toward each other
2.5 billion years ago to 543 million years ago
543 million years ago to today
4.6 billion years ago to 3.8 billion years ago
Fourth and last layer absorbs highly energetic solar radiation
Located 15 miles above the surface, is very thin
31 to 50 miles above the surface, is the coldest layer
layer that makes up nearly 70% of Earth’s interior, composed of oxygen, silicon, and magnesium
radius - 3,480 km, liquid iron, reason for the magnetic field

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