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Against her will, who does Princess Margaret marry in season 1
Who of the King's new groomsmen falls in love with Katherine Howard
Who pushes King Henry to marry Anne of Cleaves
Who is tortured into confessing an affair with Anne Boleyn
King Henry VIII was played by
Is Thomas Boleyn executed?
What is the name of Henry's only living child with Katherine of Aragon
Who is executed in the season 3 finale
What illness nearly kills Anne Boleyn
Name the two wives King Henry VIII ordered executed
Who dies in the season 1 finale
Who is the King's sixth wife
Who is executed for refusing to take the oath recognising King Henry's marriage to Anne Boleyn
Who does the King begin to court in season 2, even though he is still married to Anne Boleyn
Who does Anne Boleyn give birth to in season 2
Which character was played by Henry Cavill
Who plays Cardinal Wolsey
What is the name of the King's only living son
Apart from beheading, name another form of execution in the show
What channel was 'The Tudors' aired on in the USA
Who is executed along with Katherine Howard

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