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Forced Order
Characters...TV ShowSetting...
Gretel Killeen, Mike Goldman, Jackie OGold Coast
Nick Poulos, Bogdan Drazic, Katerina IoannouSydney
AJ Rochester, Michelle Bridges, Shannon PontThe White House
Peter Helliar, Corinne Grant, Hamish BlakeMelbourne
PJ Hasham, Maggie Doyle, Tom CroydonMt Thomas
Sally Fletcher, Morag Billingham, Colleen SmartSummer Bay
Von Ryan, Regina Butcher, Terri Sullivan{name of show} Hospital
Simon Joyner, Duncan Freeman, Allie KingstonMelbourne
Kyle Sanderlands, Marcia Hines, Andrew GSydney
Lisa Bennett, Toni Windsor, Max SimmonsRichmond Hill
Characters...TV ShowSetting...
Nudge, Betty Wilson, Debbie KellyChatswood
Maggie Beare, Robert Beare, Arthur BeareN/A
Alex Ryan, Tess McLeod, Jodi FountainDrovers Run
Karl Kennedy, Toadfish Rebecchi, Zeke KinskiErinsborough
Terrence Elliot, Esme Watson, CookieWandin Valley
Rachel Goldstein, Frank Holloway, Jack ChristeySydney Harbour
Sam Newman, Matty Johns, Mario FenechSydney/Melbourne
Zane Malik, Patricia Wright, Sonny KoaSydney
Kath Day Knight, Brett Craig, Sharon StrzeleckiFountain Lakes
Jason Moran, Terry Clark, Steve OwenMelbourne/Sydney/various

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