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Who they are
group of theifs
blended with the Damio's son
uncle of Cody Jones
Master of Yoshi
Cousin of Casey
daughter of the Shredder
Leader of the Turks
master of the turtles
works for the Shredder and Karai
dating April
Mikey's secret identity
nanobot that needed help to get to the good side
superhero that is helped by the turtles
friend of Leo that's a rabbit
group that destroyed the real Shredder
brother of Hun
hot head
leader of the team
Casey's neighbor
Battle of Nexus when Splinter defeated him he tried to destory him
in charge of the Battle of Nexus
chargeof PGF
Ninjusto master of weapons
Cody's robot
time travels that causes a lot of trouble
Who they are
party dude
scientist that helps Shredder
Master of Splinter
future vigulanty
great grandson of Casey and April
Member of ninja tribunal and stealth
theif that fought against Splinter and Mikey
Yoshi's love
in the episode I, Monster and was the Ultimate slayer
Mikey's cat
leader of the Purple Dragons
April's uncle
mutated alligator
invented by Baxter Stockman
aliens that brought Shrdder to Earth
smart one
use to work with Baxter Stockman
enemy of the turtles
group of super heroes
ninjustu master of strength
friend of Usagi that's a Rhino
Damio's son
Magic group that works for Shrdder
leader of Utrom

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