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'The Italian Job' -Steve2003
R D2002
Dr.Hannibal Lecter2002
Theo Caulder1999
M O H2000
Master Chief Billy Sunday2000
M T P2000
Gaylord 'Greg' Focker2000
N A T M2006
Teddy Roosevelt2006
G W H1997
Will Hunting1997
T T M R1999
Dickie Greenleaf1999
A I2001
T S S1999
Dr. Malcolm Crowe1999
T M1995
Jeffrey Goines1995
M & M S2005
Jane Smith2005
T B C1999
Lincoln Rhyme1999
I M2006
Dalton Russell2006
S W E 3 R O T S2005
Mace Windu2005
P F1994
Vincent Vega1994
F O1997
Castor Troy/Sean Archer1997
T R1996
Brigadier General Francis1996
A 131995
Jim Lovell1995
C M I Y C2002
Frank Abagnale Jr.2002
T D2006
Frank Costello2006
T B L2007
Carter Chambers2007
T S O A F2002
Jack Ryan2002
P A G2008
Ray Tierney2008

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