Roman Emperor by Death

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Can you name the Roman Emperors by the manner of their death?

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Apparantly, killed by being struck by lightning in Asia Minor
Suffocated by his successor and head of the praetorians having recovered from an illness
Having himself murdered general Aetius, he was then killed by two of Aetius barbarian followers
Died of an Illness shortly after being baptized in the River Jordan
Executed by Successor for buying the throne in an auction
Killed by the praetorian guard in an underground corridor between the theatre and the Palace.
According to Hollywood, strangled by Joaquin Phoenix but probably died of an Illness in the Alps
Died of an illness at Nola, although Tacitus suggests he was poisoned by his own wife, Livia.
Stabbed himself in the throat quoting Homer in preference to than let himself be captured by the forces of his rivals.
Killed by the Persians by having molten gold poured down his throat.
Killed by centurions in front of his mother, on the orders of his brother and fellow emperor
Strangled in his bath by wrestling partner Narcissus
Assassinated by a member of his bodyguard while urinating by the side of the road

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