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A token for a year of grain and oil in exchange additional name entries
A giant golden horn where items for the Hunger Games are placed
A genetically altered animal
A powerfully addicting painkiller
Document that Mayors must read telling of the story of the Hunger Games
Bird that crossed with mockingbirds to make mockingjays
Poisonous berries that Peeta picks
The term for the first rebellion that lead to the Hunger Games
Genetically-altered wasps
The game bird that is like a goose that Rue tell's Katniss the name of
Advertisement-like movies made by the rebels
The location where a Hunger Games takes place
Drawing of names for the Hunger Games
A capital citizen whose job it is to give pick and help train Hunger Games participants
An obstacle that releases a weapon and protects the Capitol
The name for a special Hunger Games that happens only every 25 years
Any one of the people in charge of the Hunger Games
One of two Hunger Games participants picked from each District
A traitor who has had their tongue removed
The train ride through the Districts by the winners of the Hunger Games

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