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Franchise leader in offensive rebounds
Only Knick to ever win Defensive Player of Year award
Signed a 5-year deal with NY in July 2010
First Season
Team that Jeremy Lin scored 38 points against in February 2012
Current Knicks head trainer
What team drafted Amare Stoudemire
Franchise leader in assists
Conference the Knicks play in
What team was Kenyon Martin drafted by
College of Toney Douglas
Knicks center in the 2000's, initials are EC
Number of Knicks wins in the 2012-13 season
Team that the Knicks traded Ronnie Brewer to
Team that Landry Fields signed with after his time with the Knicks
What team did the Knicks trade Raymond Felton to on Draft Day 2011?
What year was Andrea Bargnani drafted in?
College of Toure Murry
What team drafted Rasheed Wallace
When JR Smith was traded to the Bulls in July 2006, which current Knick player was he exchanged for?
College of Jordan Hill
Russian center signed by the Knicks in 2010
College of Steve Novak
College of Vin Baker
Knick player from 2010-11, from France
What team drafted Nate Robinson
Team in which their player posted a 30-30 vs. the Knicks in 2010
Retired #24
College of Jamison Brewer
Main colors
College of Baron Davis
First championship season
2011 1st round draft selection
College of Marcus Camby
Franchise leader in steals
Jamal Crawford's number as a Knicks
College of Metta World Peace
Won the 2013 scoring title
Knicks GM 2008-11
Current starting point guard, went to UNC
2002 1st round draft selection
College of Herb Williams
Knicks biggest (in-state) rivals
College of Larry Hughes
Celebration was the 'Championship Belt'
College of Landry Fields
Tyson Chandler played on this team the season before joining the Knicks
Stoudemire's nickname
College of Mardy Collins
College of Eddie House
Knicks first ever playoff opponent
Knicks opponent for opening day 2013-14?
The only team the Knicks have never made a trade with
Seats at the Knicks arena
Knicks head coach 1987-89
Knicks leading scorer in their first ever game
What college did Nate Robinson attend
The Knicks record holder for assists in a single game had how many assists?
Home state of Eddy Curry
What year was JR Smith drafted in
What state is JR Smith from
Which current Knick went undrafted in the 2013 NBA Draft and attended NC State?
Second championship season
Patrick Ewing's jersey number
Patrick Ewing's draft year
Current number of Metta World Peace
The two 'Thomas' players in the 2000's. _______ and ________
Knick retired #12
What borough do the Knicks play in
Home state of Jamal Crawford
Brother of JR Smith, and a current Knick player
Home arena
Team that NY beat in the game that 'Linsanity' began
High school of Jeremy Lin
Metta World Peace was drafted in which year's draft?
College of Allan Houston
Most recent Knick to make All-NBA First Team
Trevor Ariza played for this team in 2007-08 season
Knicks head coach from 2008-12
Known for his dunk over MJ
Sharpshooter nicknamed 'Q-Rich'
College of Wilson Chandler
Played for the Knicks in the 2012-13 season and participated in the 2013 Dunk Contest
Knicks #5 in the 2012-13 season
College of Iman Shumpert
College of Jared Jeffries
Current starting center, drafted by Bulls
What year was Amare Stoudemire drafted in
Current team of Jamal Crawford
Knicks owner
Current team of Nate Robinson
2009 1st round draft selection
College of Moochie Norris
Team that beat Knicks in the 1994 NBA Finals
Hit memorable 'four=point play'
Current Knicks GM
Team Knicks had a huge brawl with in the 2000's
Full nickname is the __________
What team did Metta World Peace engage in an infamous brawl with?
First ever Knicks team President
During the 2011 NBA Lockout, what country did JR Smith play basketball in?
Franchise leader in rebounds
Knicks head coach 2004-05
Knicks head coach 1982-86
Current team of Channing Frye
College of Rasheed Wallace
What team drafted Metta World Peace?
College of Shandon Anderson
Knicks #23 in the 2012-13 season
High School of Amare Stoudemire
2007 1st round draft selection
College of Earl Barron
Known for the phrase, 'Ball Don't Lie!'
College of Carmelo Anthony
Current Knicks head coach
Who did Nate Robinson jump over in his first dunk contest victory
Current team of Toney Douglas
Knicks star of the 1940's/1950's
Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points vs. the Knicks while playing for this team
Tyson Chandler's jersey number
Knick PG from 2005-07, went to Maryland
Division the Knicks play in
Channing Frye played for this team in 2008-09 season
Knicks record holder for assists in a single game
Knicks head coach 2005-06, is a Hall-of-Famer
College of Jeremy Lin
Played first game ever vs the _________
Country where Andrea Bargnani is from
Who did the Knicks beat in the 2013 playoffs 1st round
First ever Knicks Hall-of-Famer
Franchise leading scorer
2008 1st round draft selection
2013 6th man of year award winner
College of Kenyon Martin
Only Knick to ever win NBA Finals MVP
Home state of Tyson Chandler
College of Nazr Mohammed
Franchise leader in field goal percentage
What team cut Jeremy Lin right
Current team of Al Harrington
Knicks beat this team in the first round of the 1999 NBA playoffs
Current team of Zach Randolph
Who did the Knicks play in the 2013 East semi-finals?
Team that Knicks beat in 1970 NBA Finals
Knicks PG in 2010-11, went to college of Hawaii
College of Anthony Mason
Franchise leader in blocks
Only Knick to ever win NBA MVP award
What year was Rasheed Wallace drafted in
Former name of Metta World Peace
2004 2nd round draft selection
Nicknamed the 'Junkyard Dawg'
Team that beat NY in the 1999 NBA Finals
Raymond Felton won which college award in 2005?
College of Malik Rose
Team that drafted Raymond Felton
Nicknamed 'Jorts'
What year was Kenyon Martin drafted in
College of Mike Woodson
Oldest NBA rookie ever
What number was Jeremy Lin
Home state of Amare Stoudemire
College of Renaldo Balkman
College of David Lee
Only Knick to ever wear #85
Knicks TV channel
Team the Knicks played in Jeremy Lin's first time in the starting lineup during 'Linsanity'
Retired #19
College of Jason Kidd
Current team of Chris Copeland
Walt Frazier's nickname
Team that Knicks traded Jamal Crawford to
Knicks superfan and movie director
College of Anfernee Hardaway
College of Patrick Ewing
Carmelo Anthony was drafted in which year's draft?
Home city of Carmelo Anthony
Knicks player from 2005-09, attended Florida A&M
Knicks head coach 1991-95
Country where Beno Udrih is from
Greatest coach in Knicks history, has '613' retired number
Franchise leader in three-point percentage
College of Tim Hardaway Jr.
Most recent Knick to win Rookie of Year award
What team drafted JR Smith
Arena where Knicks played their first ever game
How many games did the Knicks get eliminated in in the 2013 East semi-finals?
Eddy Curry was traded by the Knicks to what team
Current Knick player Cole Aldrich went to what college?
Nicknamed 'Starbury'
College of Bill Walker
Team that swept the Knicks in 2011 NBA Playoffs

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