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DefinitionTermPoker Definition
Two pieces of bread, often buttered, placed either side of a filling of choice to create a savoury snack.
An object in space that orbits the Earth, including the moon
A piece of garden equipment that has a forked end and can be used to clean up leaves
A cold-blooded aquatic vertebrate that usually has scales and breathes through gills
To remain on the surface of a liquid without sinking
A prehistoric carniverous dinosaur
The entrance/exit at the back of the house.
Someone who does something deemed selfless and often dangerous
A round object invented thousands of years ago that is now used on cars
An object that is used in large numbers to build houses
To travel on foot from one place to another at a comfortable pace
A large military vehicle that is heavily armoured and has a large gun on top
A large body of water that runs from a source to a mouth
An inanimate lump or mass of hard consolidated mineral matter
A sharp object traditionally believed to kill a vampire (if stuck through the heart)
To tip off balance/come dangerously close to unbalancing
DefinitionTermPoker Definition
An electrically powered public transport service
To stand astride of something
Small food item that is often sold in packets at pubs/bars
The effect something very hot would have on your skin
To walk favouring one leg rather than the other, often due to an injury/weakness in one leg
The place where trains stop
A sticky type of food often found in tarts and sandwiches
When a liquid dries and hardens it is said to...
To put more ammo in a gun
A space in the floor that an unfortunate person may fall into
An arc of colored light in the sky caused by refraction of the sun's rays by rain
A box that is used to protect something, sometimes taken on holiday and prefixed by 'suit'
When under physical threat, a standard course of action would be to _____ oneself
An underwater pocket of air
The act of perspiring water from pores in the skin, usually in order to cool down
A large marine creature with sharp teeth

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