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Can you name the book titles in formed by changing one letter?

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New Plot SummaryNew Title
A group of teenagers living in the 80s do all they can to have the best month ever before November 1st.
A totalitarian government runs the Lillehammer Winter Olympics.
A family of farmers from Oklahoma decides to move to California due to the bad economy. In the airport they meet an angry TSA agent.
Germans and French argue silently over a typing style in the early 1900's
A bunch of livestock all get together and start an investment company.
Two young southerners struggle against racism and grinding songbirds into flour.
A depressed young woman collects testicles.
New Plot SummaryNew Title
A young black WWII soldier journeys through time, eventually becoming a successful jazz singer.
A short young boy becomes champion of the playground equipment.
The end of the world takes a decidedly bovine twist.
A cryptolgist races against the clock to decipher puzzles hidden by a famous Renaissance painter in order to discover the worlds most refreshing beverage!
A mighty battle between two planets populated entirely by feet.
A religious tome about a Grammy Award winning Canadian singer.

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