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Psychodynamic model - struggle for control over own identiy. 1974
Dieting plays a significant role in the onset of eating disorders.2000
Alexithymia (inability to describe emotions) found in 77% of Anorexic sample compared to 6.7% of controls. GREYS1992
Dropout rate of 25% in CBT2007
Systematic review of RCTs - CBT significantly reduced relapse risk and increased positive outcomes compared to nutritional counselling. However antidepressants were used outside tr2007
Family therapy - AN most commonly diagnosed at a young age when living in a family unit. 13 RCTs, 2 found sig. short term effectiveness compared to TAU.2010
Meta-analysis which found that there wasn't a clear causal relationship between eating disorders and dieting.2002
CBT vs IPT vs non-specific support therapy. NSST was more effective than IPT, CBT as effective as NSST. CAMERON2005
CBT was significantly superior to interpersonal psychotherapy. However no sig dif at follow up.2000
CBT - attempts to deal with and manage overvalued ideas on shape, body and weight.1985
Group schema therapy - address schema level beliefs which underpin chronic and persistent eating disorders. Draws on CBT, gestalt, psychodynamic and IPT. 8pps, however 6 were diagn2010
CBT vs nutritional counselling. Lower relapse rate in CBT and more good outcomes. DON'T TELL THEM...2003
Binge exposure - significant treatment effects in urge to binge, lack of control and feelings of guilt. JOHN F...1995
Cognitive behavioural model - anorexic/bulimic symtoms are maintained by a set of overvalued ideas about body and weight.1998

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