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Over 50% of cases have low/moderate intent. Higher intent more common in males, repeaters and self-poisoners. Paracetemol has a relatively low intention rating, even though it is o2001
RCT - 90pps randomly assigned to CBT or treatment as usual (TAU). TAU was either psychotherapy or medication. Intervention took place for 5.5 months. Sig. greater reductions in DSH2008
Green cards - pps randomly allocated to conditions, less people from the experimental condition reported further DSH than control at follow up.1993
A measure used to assess how suicidal self harm behaviour is.1974
PTSD - prevalence of 50% DSH. PTSD is characterised by experiential avoidance.2002
Problem solving therapy produces over-general memory responses. Suicidal patients produce a larger amount of positive, negative and neutral over-general memories.2007
Systematic review of 24 RCTs, suggested that there is an insufficient amount of rigourous research.1999
Problem solving therapy is more effective than control (N=31).2007
Systematic review - therapy group scored lower for depression, hopelessness score at follow-up.2001
80-94% of individuals reported feeling better after engaging in DSH.1993
Emergency outreach in Copenhagen. Found sig. fulfillment of purpose after two years.2002
Some substitution to ibuprofen found after paracetemol legislation, but no mortality effects.2004
Meta-analysis - despite not finding significance there was a 30% reduction in repetition following problem solving therapy compared to aftercare. However the sample needed more pow1999
Participants with DSH history had a trend towards more risky choices.2008
Women who self-harmed reported higher levels of experiential avoidance.2004
Decrease in admissions due to paracetemol but increase in other admissions to hospital.2002
Support for the cry of pain model - found higher levels of stress, escape potential and defeat and lower levels of support in those with history of DSH.2003
25% reported feeling relieved following deliberate self harm (DSH).2006
Availability of firearms in Canada positively correlated with the amount of suicide.2000
Deficits in problem solving skills were found in those with DSH.2008
Reduction of deaths from paracetemol poisoning following legislation. Reduced number of liver problem and transplant admissions.2001
Brady Bill, 1993- significant effect on suicide but attempting to prohibit high risk individuals from owning a firearm had a less effect.2011
Borderline Personality Disorder - prevalence of 48-79% DSH. BPD includes an unwillingness to tolerate emotional distress.1995
RCT - Australia - 772pps with previous history of self poisoning. No effect of postcards condition.2005
Letters, postcards, green cards and telephone calls are not useful for the most severe cases.2010
% of carbon monoxide in domestic gas decrease resulted in a decrease in suicide.1976
Experiential avoidance model - DSH is maintained through the process of escape conditioning.2006
Systematic review of problem solving in adolescence. Found significant deficits in problem solving, but less when controlled for depresison and hopelessness.2005

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