Aggressive Crime and Homicide

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55 filicidal women, 52.7% were psychotic, BOUNCEY2003
Majority of infants killed in 1st day are born outside the hospital.2002
Location analysis - 126 US and 29 UK serial killers. Circle method - circle within diameter covering the furthest two bodies. 89% US and 86% UK had home within this circle. CARDIGA2001
157 serial killers, 195 single killers. Serial = more male, more female victims, sexual motive, victim more likely to be a stranger, disperse location rather than all in one locati2004
10 Scandinavian women who murdered their infants, 6 had psychotic symptoms.2008
95 victims of stalking by ex-partner, 25% were victims of attempted murder.2001
Out of 2000 children killed annually in USA, 1100 of them were killed by their biological mother. CHOPPED...2002
Multifactorial model of predisposition - predisposing, maintenance and triggering factors of homicide.1994
1517 young people, 33 homicides, 193 violent offences, 498 self reported violence. Homicide offenders - 39% low SES, 85% Afro-American, 75% involved a firearm, 65% had prior contac2005
Statistics on infanticide are hard to find, as some go unreported or are sentenced with other offences. AND STACEY2010
The partner leaving is a common precursor for partner homicide.1994
When socio-economic status increases, infant homicide doesn't, suggesting that SES is not a major factor.1993
Subjects drawn from retrospective case reviews of intimate partner homicide from 1993-2003. Nearly half of cases had involved abuse before the assult. 28 cases, 8 schizophrenia, 4 2005
Serial murder = 3 or more2000
37 cases of neonaticide - most perpetrators did not have a major mental illness. FREE FALLINNNNN2001
96 women convicted for attemped/murder of their own children in Japan. Found that post-partum depression was the primary cause for infanticide.2007
Review of documented neonaticides from mid-18th century to 1968. Differences between newborn killers and infant killers including age, emotional maturity, marriage and school atten1970
Women who drop out of school are 8x more likely to murder their infants than women with a college education.2003
Two types of male-to-male attacks: confrontational disputes, which have less intention of homicide, and grudge/revenge killings, which are more premeditated.2000

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