Suite: Judy Blue Eyes

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It's getting to ____
where i'm ____
i am ____
sometimes it hurts ____
i must ____
i am ____
i am yours ____
you are ____
and you make ____
remember what we've said ____
oh babe ____
don't let the past remind us of ____
i am not ____
i am yours ____
you are what you are. You ____
tearing yourself ____
you are free ____
this does not ____
i do, thats forever ____
i am yours ____
you are what you are. You ____
something inside is telling me ____
are you ____
fear is the lock, and laughter ____
lyricsfinished lyrics
i am yours, you are mine ____
you make it hard ____
friday evening ____
what have ____
tuesday morning, please be gone ____
what have ____
can i ___
listen ____
it's my heart ____
it's a dying ____
ive ____
i'm going ____
what have ____
will you come see me ____
chestnut brown ____
ruby throated ____
sing the song ____
thrill me ____
voices of the angles ____
asking me said ____
how can you ____
lacy lilting lyric ____
change my life ____
be ____

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