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Major Work(s)Thinker
On Heroes and Hero-Worship, Past and Present
On Duties, Letters to Atticus, On the Good Life
Discourse on Method, Meditations on First Philosophy
The Need for Roots, Waiting on God
The Theory of Communicative Action, Between Facts and Norms
The Spirit of the Laws, Persian Letters
Being and Nothingness, Anti-Semite and Jew
The Birth of Tragedy, Ecce Homo, Beyond Good and Evil
Understanding Media, The Gutenberg Galaxy
Commentariolus, On the Revolutions
Sociobiology, Consilience
Social Statics, Principles of Sociology, The Man Versus the State
The Souls of Black Folk, Black Reconstruction
The Consolations of Philosophy
Leviathan, De Cive, Behemoth
Politics, Physics, Poetics
The Myth of Sisyphus, The Rebel
Civilization and its Discontents, The Interpretation of Dreams
Discipline and Punish, The Order of Things, History of Sexuality
Orientalism, Culture and Imperialism
A Theory of Justice, Political Liberalism
Syntactic Structures, Manufacturing Consent
The Power Elite, White Collar
On the Dignity of Man, Heptaplus
The Prince, Discourses on Livy
Common Sense, The Rights of Man, The Age of Reason
Hind Swaraj
Philosophical Dictionary, Candide, Letters on England
Das Kapital, The German Ideology
Guide For the Perplexed
Reflections on the Revolution in France
Democracy in America
Defense of the Seven Sacraments, Utopia
Theodicy, Monadology
Major Work(s)Thinker
Jacques the Fatalist, Rameau's Nephew, D'Alembert's Dream
The Road to Serfdom, The Constitution of Liberty
Pensees, Lettres Provinciales
Eros and Civilization, One Dimensional Man
The Praise of Folly, Education of a Christian Prince
Parallel Lives
On the Shortness of Life, On Consolation
The Wretched of the Earth, Black Skin White Maskes
Phenomenology of the Spirit, Philosophy of Right
The Bondage of the Will, The Pagan Servitude of the Church
The Selfish Gene, The Extended Phenotype, The God Delusion
Animal Liberation, Practical Ethics
The Second Sex
Characteristics of Men Manners Opinions Times, Letter Concerning Enthusiasm
Critique of Pure Reason, Metaphysics of Morals
Culture and Anarchy, Literature and Dogma
The Republic, Phaedrus, Symposium
City of God, Confessions
Democracy in Education, The Public and its Problems
The Economic Consequences of the Peace, General Theory of Employment Interest and Money
Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
Summa Theologica
Tractacus Logico-Philosophicus, Philosophical Investigations
The End of History and the Last Man
Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature, Contingency Irony Solidarity
Principia Ethica, A Defense of Common Sense
Novanglus, A Defence of the Constitution of the United States
Commentary on the Sentences, Summa Logicae
Principles of Political Economy, On Liberty, A System of Logic
Economy and Society, The Vocation Lectures
The First and Last Freedom, Commentaries on Living
Principia Mathematica, Why I Am Not a Christian
Apology For Raymond Sebond, Of Cruelty
Major Work(s)Thinker
Notes on the State of Virginia
Either|Or, Fear and Trembling, The Sickness Unto Death
Psychopannychia, Institutes of the Christian Religion
God Here and Now, The Church Dogmatics
Theologico-Political Treatise, Ethics
Fragment on Government, Panopticon
What Is to Be Done? , Imperialism: The Highest Stage of Capitalism
Notes on Camp, Against Interpretation, Illness and its Metaphors
Apologia Pro Vita Sua
Decline of the West
Areopagitica, History of England
Milestones, In the Shade of the Qu'ran
Dialectic of Enlightenment, Negative Dialectics, Minima Moralia
Being and Time
The World as Will and Representation
The Human Condition, The Origins of Totalitarianism, On Revolution
Of the Social Contract, Emile, Reveries of a Solitary Walker
A Treatise of Human Nature, Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion
Prison Notebooks
The Nature and Destiny of Man, Moral Man and Immoral Society
The Advancement of Learning, New Atlantis
Letter on Toleration, Treatises on Civil Government, Essay Concerning Human Understanding
Political Theology, Legality and Legitimacy, The Crisis of Parliamentary Democracy
Natural Right and History, Persecution and the Art of Writing
An Enquiry Concerning Political Justice, The Adventures of Caleb Williams
The Open Society and its Enemies, The Logic of Scientific Discovery
The Will to Believe, Pragmatism, The Varieties of Religious Experience
The Wealth of Nations, Theory of Moral Sentiments
Vindication of the Rights of Women, Maria

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