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Can you name the real people referenced in Manic Street Preachers lyrics?

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songPerson or PeopleHint
Freedom of Speech Won't Feed My ChildrenRap group
I'm Just a PatsyAssassin (probably)
Gold Against the SoulRight-Wing mine worker
Nostalgic PusheadRock band
The ConvalescentAfrican Emperor
The ConvalescentCuban Olympic athlete
Freedom of Speech Won't Feed My ChildrenInventor of Coca-Cola
Prologue to HistoryBadly behaved British rocker
Freedom of Speech Won't Feed My ChildrenReligious leader
Archives of PainSerial killer
1985British champion ice dancers
RevolCommunist leader
FasterAmerican author
FasterPlaywright, nobelist
Archives of PainMoors murderers
Prologue to HistoryWelsh rugby player
Of Walking AbortionDictator
IfWhiteAmericaToldTheTruth...1980s political crusader
RevolAmerican religious leader
IfWhiteAmericaToldTheTruth...Filmed a famous death
Archives of PainFrench ultra-naitonalist
1985Rock guitarist
Archives of PainRussian ultra-nationalist
Revol and Archives of PainRussian leader
The ConvalescentGerman actor
songPerson or PeopleHint
RevolPretty terrible dictator
The Intense Humming of Evil and Black Dog on My ShoulderPrime Minister
Mr. CarbohydrateCricketer
The ConvalescentGolfer
Nostalgic PusheadHaute Couture designer
Of Walking AbortionEven worse dictator
Prologue to HistoryEnglish Olympic runner
RevolCommunist leader
The ConvalescentPainter
Archives of PainAfrican dictator
Peeled ApplesLinguist
The ConvalescentPainter
Archives of PainIndicted dictator
The ConvalescentCrime-spree duo
1985Rock vocalist
Freedom of Speech Won't Feed My ChildrenActor, 80s heartthrob
Of Walking AbortionHungarian dictator
The ConvalescentControversial Dictator
The ConvalescentControversial 90s rock star
The ConvalescentGerman director
Let Robeson SingU.S. Senator
Revol and Freedom of Speech Won't Feed My ChildrenHorrible Dictator
The ConvalescentItalian poet
Slash n' BurnPop Idol
S.Y.M.M.British screenwriter

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