SOWPODS-Only 2-Letter Scrabble Words

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Can you name the SOWPODS-Only 2-Letter Scrabble Words?

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 Dialect form of 'I'
 A Heavy Burmese Knife
 A River
 An Eye
 Expressing Disapproval
 A Judo Costume
 An Old Shetland Viol
 A Cry of Joy
 Yes, in German
 A Maori Digging-Stick
 To Approach
 An Objection
 Wool, or the Fleece of Sheep and Goats
 A Man, or Bloke
 A Chamber-Pot
 The Note Below 'Doh'
 To Arouse Loathing In
 Expressing Hesitation
 A Precious Jade
 A Cross Between a Yak and a Cow

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