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Once a quantum of light is absorbed, all information regarding it's wavelength is loss
For the light adaptation curve, as the background intensity is increase the 'increment intensity' (stimulus) must be increased at a constant ratio
For the light adaptation curve. 'The background is so dim that fluctuations inherent in the light source that produces it play a primary role in determining threshold.' -Schwartz
Law that assumes Weber's law also works when we're suprathreshold
Law that has to deal with spatial summation. States for stimuli smaller than the critical diameter we don't care about stimulus intensity and stimulus area independently. Detection
Temporal summation equivalent of the law above. For stimuli SHORTER than the CRITICAL DURATION.
Rays which enter the cones perpendicular to their surface will appear brighter.
The critical flicker fusion is proportional to the log of retinal illumination
Suprathreshold light flashes appear brightest when lasting between 50-100 ms.
Flickering light appears brighter than steady light with the same average luminance

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