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Clue 1WordClue 2
Gary Numan songPixar movie
Slang name for a soft drinkSlang term for a drug
Underwater vessel (slang)Bread roll
Dry stalk of a plantDrinking implement
NeckwearYo do this with your shoelaces
Breath FreshenerWhere money is created
To kill a fly you might do thisPolice special forces
A large catA brand of deodorant
Clue 1WordClue 2
Mailman brings thisAfter
Female equivalent of a Boy ScoutA person who leads you on an expidition
Thinly sliced potatoesSlab-cut pieces of potato
A type of luggageA detective might work on this
Somewhere far from civilization A device used on electronic equipment
To record somethingUsed as an aid to wrap gifts
Slang term for a bathA large round container without a lid

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