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What are the ALDC colors?
Who likes to sit at home and eat chips?
What is Melissa's fiance's name?
Who was Jill friends with?
Brooke skipped a competition to go to her 8th grade........
Who is Kendall's mother?
What is Nia's mom's name?
Before what dance did Brooke pop out her shoulder?
Who is always given racial dances?
What is Maddie and Mackenzie's last name?
Who did the duet Snake Charmer?
Who replaced Brooke both times?
What is the name of Abby's dog?
What is Maddie's and Mackenzie's mom's name?
Who ran off stage and the season 2 finale?
Who is Abby's assistant?
What is Chloe's last name?
Who is Chloe's best friend?
Who forgot their dance in Miami and got a second try?
Who did the Inside of Me duet?
Who is usually in a trio together?
What is the name of Cathy's studio?
What does Cathy's husband sell?
Who did the duet 'Ooh La La'?
Who left ALDC first?
What two solos did Maddie perform twice?
What is Chloe's sister's name?
What is Vivi-Anne's mother's name?
What is Holly's job?
Who quit dance for cheerleading?

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