Famous Suicides

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Can you name the famous people who took (or are largely believed to have taken) their own lives?

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Year(Method)PersonClaim to Fame
2001 (Crashed Plane)Terrorist
1983 (Purposeful Starvation)Radical Author/Activist
1973 (Carbon Monoxide)American Playwright ('Bus Stop')
1969 (Carbon Monoxide)American Novelist ('Confederacy of Dunces')
1975 (Hanging)Welsh Singer/Songwriter with British Rock Group
1969 (Jumped from Apartment [possibly on LSD])Daughter of Entertainer/Anti-Drug Activist
1976 (Hanging)American Folk Singer/Songwriter ('Chords of Fame')
1970 (OD/Arm Wounds)Latvian/American Abstract Artist
1941 (Drowned in River, weighted by stones)British Novelist
1993 (Gunshot)American Dwarf Actor
1945 (Gunshot/Cyanide)Leader of European Country
1987 (Asphyxiation [in prison])Deputy to WWII European Leader
1999 (Gunshot [after shooting others])Domestic 'Terrorist'
1979 (OD of Heroin)Bassist for British Punk Group
1989 (Gunshot [after shooting wife])Baseball Player (Relief Pitcher)
1913 (Gunshot)Austrian Military Man/Spy
1985 (Slit Wrists)Nutritionist/Author
1978 (OD of Seconal)French/American Actor ('Algiers')
1929 (Jumped from Hotel)Prussian/American Beer Magnate
1967 (OD of Nembutal [after killing writer/lover])British Writer/Actor
1954 (Gunshot [Maybe Russian Roulette])R&B Singer ('Pledging My Love')
1957 (Drowned in Own Pool)American Movie Director ('The Old Dark House')
1961 (Gunshot)American Novelist
1994 (Gunshot)Lead Singer of American Rock Group
1983 (OD of Tuinal [along with wife])Hungarian/English Writer ('Darkness at Noon')
1974 (OD on prescription antidepressant)British Folk/Rock Singer/Songwriter ('Pink Moon')
1971 (OD/Slit Wrists)American Photographer
1894 (Jumped from Window)Sibling of President/Father of First Lady
1970 (Drowned in East River)Avant-Garde Saxophonist
Year(Method)PersonClaim to Fame
1932 (Gunshot)British 'Bloomsbury' Painter
1979 (Jumped from Essex House Hotel)Pop/R&B Singer/Duetist ('Where is the Love')
42BC (Impaled on Sword)Politician/Noted Assassin
1889 (Voluntarily Shot by Lover)Circus Performer/Movie Subject
1978 (Gunshot [after murdering wife])American Actor ('They Shoot Horses Don't They')
1939 (OD/Assisted Suicide)Psychoanalyst/Author
1980 (Hanging)Lead Singer of British Rock Group
1982 (Gunshot)French Actor ('Going Places')
1986 (Hanging)Singer/Keyboardist with Canadian/American Rock Band
1809 (Gunshot)American Explorer
2009 (Gunshot)Nicaraguan Boxer/Politician
1990 (Gunshot)American Rock Singer ('Runaway')
1979 (OD of Barbiturates/Alcohol)American Actress ('Breathless')
1973 (Gunshot)Leader of South American Country
68 (Stabbed Self in Neck)Roman Emperor
2008 (Hanging)American Novelist ('Infinite Jest')
1970 (Ritual Seppuku)Japanese Author
1932 (Jumped from Hollywood Sign)British Actress ('Thirteen Women')
1948 (Gunshot)American Actress ('I Wake Up Screaming')
1971 (Possible OD)Actress/Warhol Acolyte
182BC (Poison)Carthaginian Military Leader
1997 (Gunshot)American Actor ('Family Affair')
1978 (Gunshot, after orchestrating mass suicides])Cult Leader
1962 (OD of sleeping pills)American Actress/Icon
1989 (OD of Phenobarbitol)Social and Political Activist/Author
1932 (Drowned in Gulf of Mexico)American Poet ('The Bridge')
30BC (Stabbed Self with Sword)Roman General/Politician
1963 (Gas from Oven)American Poet/Novelist
1997 (Gunshot)American 'Spree Killer'
Year(Method)PersonClaim to Fame
1954 (Possible OD)Mexican Painter
1977 (Gunshot)American Actor ('Chico and the Man')
1974 (Carbon Monoxide)American Poetess
1964 (OD of Alcohol/Sedatives)American Actor ('This Gun for Hire')
1972 (OD of Nembutal)British Actor ('All About Eve')
1900 (Slit Throat [after murdering entire family])Baseball Player (Catcher)
1981 (Voluntary Starvation)Irish (IRA) Activist/Hunger-Striker
1902 (Unsure [after being publicly 'outed'])European Industrialist
1936 (Gunshot)Pulp Literature Author
1984 (Gunshot)American Countercultural Writer ('Trout Fishing in America')
1991 (OD or Suffocation)Polish/American Novelist ('The Painted Bird')
2007 (Carbon Monoxide)Lead Singer of American Rock Group
1999 (OD)American Actress ('Diff'rent Strokes')
2005 (Gunshot)American Author (Gonzo Journalism)
1945 (Gunshot)Politician/Propagandist
1932 (Gunshot)Camera Inventor
1938 (Consumed Ant Paste)American Silent Film Actress (The Biograph Girl)
1985 (Carbon Monoxide)San Francisco Politician/Assassin
1995 (Carbon Monoxide)Baseball Umpire/Author
1976 (Hanging [in prison])German Activist/Terrorist
30BC (Snakebite or Other Poison)Iconic Leader of Middle Eastern Kingdom
399BC (Poison/Voluntary Compliance with Sentence)Greek Philosopher
1959 (Gunshot)American Actor ('Superman')
1945 (Cyanide)Mistress of European Leader
2004 (Drowned in East River)Monologist/Playwright
1890 (Gunshot in Open Field)Dutch Painter
2003 (Stabbed Self in Chest)American Singer-Songwriter ('Miss Misery')
1943 (Gunshot)Chicago Gangster (Later TV Character)
1944 (Cyanide/Forced Suicide)European Military Officer

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