MLB Decade Leaders/Stolen Bases

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Can you name the top 3 in stolen bases for each decade in Major League Baseball?

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1880's (1st)367
1880's (2nd)359
1880's (3rd)309
1890's (1st)730
1890's (2nd)493
1890's (3rd)483
1900's (1st)487
1900's (2nd)357
1900's (3rd)305
1910's (1st)576
1910's (2nd)489
1910's (3rd)434
1920's (1st)346
1920's (2nd)310
1920's (3rd)254
1930's (1st)269
1930's (2nd)176
1930's (3rd)158
1940's (1st)285
1940's (2nd)130
1940's (3rd)126
1950's (1st)179
1950's (2nd)167
1950's (3rd)158
1960's (1st)535
1960's (2nd)387
1960's (3rd)342
1970's (1st)551
1970's (2nd)488
1970's (3rd)427
1980's (1st)838
1980's (2nd)583
1980's (3rd)472
1990's (1st)478
1990's (2nd)463
1990's (3rd)433
2000's (1st)459
2000's (2nd)362
2000's (3rd)341

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