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Can you name the words, phrases, and names that begin with 'BR'?

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ClueBR Answer
A businessperson's carrying case
Slightly windy; Chris Brown's hip-hop nickname
A jerk or bully
The ceremonial gate in Berlin
A song by Anna Nalick, Fabolous, Faith Hill
Piece of jewelry worn around the wrist or arm
Movement or mark of a paintbrush
Small ornaments that have more sentimental value than monetary value
The Olive Garden offers endless ___________
Hard block used for construction
A wild horse used in rodeos
Inflammation of the lungs due to infection or irritation
Bodily strength
Wayne _____, Tom _____, The _____ Bunch
Another name for sulfur; fire and _________
Flavorful soup or sauce base
Cleaning implement
Woman at her wedding
To carry, take along, transport, take
A company or place where beer is made
ClueBR Answer
Euphemism for 'to fart'
Military unit or a group with common goals
2009 Sacha Baron Cohen movie
The capital of Belgium
To wave something about in a menacing way
Hard and likely to break or crack
A large dinosaur that grew up to 100 feet long
These straighten your teeth
Done quickly and energetically; speaking in an abrupt manner
To reproduce or raise animals
Overwhelming, evoking strong emotions
What people do to come up with new ideas
Briefness; use of few words
To cook using direct heat
A person's chest
To persuade somebody with money or favors
Salt water used for preserving
New York borough
Skin discoloration caused by injury
Chemistry and physics are ________ of science

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