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Can you name the words, phrases, and names that begin with 'BR'?

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ClueBR Answer
Movement or mark of a paintbrush
Hard block used for construction
A businessperson's carrying case
Salt water used for preserving
To carry, take along, transport, take
Slightly windy; Chris Brown's hip-hop nickname
A wild horse used in rodeos
Flavorful soup or sauce base
To wave something about in a menacing way
These straighten your teeth
The capital of Belgium
Cleaning implement
What people do to come up with new ideas
Overwhelming, evoking strong emotions
The ceremonial gate in Berlin
The Olive Garden offers endless ___________
A company or place where beer is made
Chemistry and physics are ________ of science
Skin discoloration caused by injury
Wayne _____, Tom _____, The _____ Bunch
ClueBR Answer
2009 Sacha Baron Cohen movie
Military unit or a group with common goals
Piece of jewelry worn around the wrist or arm
Euphemism for 'to fart'
A person's chest
New York borough
To persuade somebody with money or favors
Briefness; use of few words
Woman at her wedding
Another name for sulfur; fire and _________
A large dinosaur that grew up to 100 feet long
Small ornaments that have more sentimental value than monetary value
Bodily strength
Done quickly and energetically; speaking in an abrupt manner
To cook using direct heat
Inflammation of the lungs due to infection or irritation
A jerk or bully
A song by Anna Nalick, Fabolous, Faith Hill
Hard and likely to break or crack
To reproduce or raise animals

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