Song of Ice and Fire: Sigils

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Green lobster with black harpoon on white
Five black towers on white with tressures of black and red
Golden quill on green chequy
White rose on red with white embattled tressure
Red stallion on gold on brown
Brown bound deer on white
Oaken shield on blue and white ripples
Three buckets on blue with a border of chequy gray and white
Red castle on white with red embattled border
Black crow on storm-green
Three black thunderbolts on orange
Hooded man on gray with fiery tressure
Weirwood and ravens on red
Black nightingales on yellow
Golden longbow on white with red flaunches
Skeleton hand on red
Ten purple stars on yellow
White owl on grey
Olive and ivory stripes
Per bend: white unicorn on green, raven on white
Black manticore on red
Pale grey with two white tressures
Purple unicorn on silver
Lemons on purple
Border of flowers on green
White sunburst on black
Black toad on white lily-pad on green
Erminois maunch on pink with erminois border
Four hawk heads counterchanged per saltire purple and gold
Three black scorpions on red
Six brown acorns on yellow
Two red bendlets, sun, and hand, on gold
Three bronze spearheads on white with bronze embattled border
Black talon on gyronny orange and white
Blue rooster on yellow
Burning green chain on gray
White bend cotised on purple
Yellow haystack on orange
Green embattled bar on white
Spotted red spider on silver web on black
Copper dagger on black chevron on white
Red cockatrice with black snake on gold
Red pomegranate on white with two red tressures
Three gold buckles on blue
Six white seashells on sand
Blue-green maelstrom on gold
Black portcullis on sand
Two-headed eagle counterchanged on gyronny green and white
Bull skull on blood-red
Three silver ships on blue with gold and red border
Silver scythe on black
Two griffins counterchanged red and white
Black boots on green and gold diamonds
White sun and chevron on orange
Black crowned stag in flaming heart on yellow
Chevrony russet and gold
Black and gold warhorn on red
Grey cat head on black, brown jug on white
Bleeding white moon on purple
White moon and falcon on blue
Golden heron with silver fish on pink
Driftwood tree on pale green
Fool in red and gold motley juggling five suns on black
Three golden bendlets on white
Roaring chained giant on red
Burning orange tree on gray
Black bat on yellow and white
Seven green roundels on brown
Gold spoon on white cartouche on orange and black diamonds
Black pitchfork on gold bar sinister on brown
Entwined red and white snakes on black
Green with two white tressures
Red and gold rayonne
Dancing maiden with white silk on blue
Golden goose on black and red
Three purple roundels on gold
Three silver fish on blue above fretty blue on white
Three blue beetles on gold
Red and white fool's cap on gold on gyronny red and white
Silver wyvern on black with two red tressures
Scourge of red and black nettles on white
Gray direwolf on white
Fox and flowers on ermine
Brown and green maple leaves on yellow
Four wheels counterchanged blue and white
Four sunbursts counterchanged orange and black
Red eagle's head and tridents on white
Six white stars on purple
Silver caltrops on black
Three black dogs on yellow
Ten nooses on white with red border
Orange bend on vairy green and grey
Quartered: red lips on yellow, yellow skulls on black
Red ants on yellow
Six silver bells on purple
Green, white, and yellow waves
Two bronze halberds and four red diamonds on white
Striding red huntsman on green
Six green thistles on yellow
Blue eyes on yellow over blue and white waves
Black battle-axe on silver
Purple lightning and stars on black
Silver eagle on purple
Black leviathan on gray
Blue plate on white with gray tressure
Dragon skeleton over three silver longswords on black
Golden lion on red
Two-headed brown horse on green waves
Three flaming arrows on blue
Twin blue towers on grey
Flaming saltire and four skulls on black
Silver flail on red with black border rayonne
Flayed man on pink
Three blue moons, waxing, full, and waning, on white bend on blue
Spotted yellow and black treecat on brown
Three sprigs of mistletoe on gold with green border
Vee of golden cranes on pale blue
Vulture and baby on yellow
Seven gold seven-pointed stars on white
Three ravens with red hearts on white
Black plowman on brown
White winged chalice on pink
Brown bear paw on white
Three green sentinels on brown
Quartered: black and white triangles, flaming wheels on indigo
Sword and falling star on lavender
Three white candles in silver holders on grey with black border
Three women's heads with black hair on blue and green
Chequy green and gold lion on white
Three white plates on red chevron on white
Three green oak leaves on gold
Three black moths on bone clouds on grey
Black three-headed dragon on red
White lamb and golden goblet on green
Black book bound in bronze on pale blue
Black adder biting heel on yellow
Black portcullis on white crescent on purple, bordered by runes on bronze
Burning tower on black pile on red
White seagulls on blue
Blue wavy bend on gold
Black sword and horseshoes on gold with gray-green border
Silver seahorse on sea-green
Grey squirrel on white with red border
Nine strawberries on white saltire on vairy red and green
Quartered: gyronny black and white, silver axes on green
Three black leopards on yellow pile on orange
Longships and iron shield on green
White knife on blue pile on white
Blue and white Y on red
Chequy silver and gold bar on black
Golden tree on white
Green pall on white, dividing three trees: green, bare, and red
White spider-crab on green
Red crabs on white
Bend sinister of white footprints on brown
Quartered: yellow suns on rose, white moons on azure
Mother's face on white river on brown
Red salmon on white with gold tressure
Green river on fretty green on yellow
Blue swordfish on silver fretty
Brown tortoise on yellow diamond on green
Three black crossbows on gold with black border
Two white fawns on green
Crowned black stag on yellow
Black bridge on gold over three blue stripes on white
Dark green sea turtle on pale green
Snow-capped pine on pale green pile on white
Quartered: silver chalices on black, black roses on gold
Ten green frogs on gold
Gold kraken on black
Three blue plates on yellow over rusty anchor on turquoise
Red lion on silver
Three red chevrons on ermine
Three gold crowns on blue over pink and red stripes
Three black lances on pink with black flaunches
Quartered: apple trees on yellow, gray gatehouses on white
Three red martlets on white bend on blue
Bare stone tree on black
Mailed silver fist on red
Silver codfish
Pily gray and pink with black star
Broken black wheel on green
Yellow centaur on white
Red or green apple on yellow
Runes and pebbles on orange
White and green merman with trident on blue-green
Storm god's hand in gray
Red and white diamonds
Oak saltire on blue
Peapod on white bordered by pease
Two black porcupines on green with red bend sinister
Black dagger piercing red heart on white de sang with red border
Nine black stars on gold saltire on black
Shoal of silver fish on pale green
Three black castles on orange
Yellow sun, white moon, silver star on blue over white
Red sun pierced by yellow spear on orange
Black ship and red sunset on orange
Seven-pointed star counterchanged on gyronny blue and silver
Three golden wings on chequy black and white
White moon on black over green grass
Three pinecones on white and green
Grey greathelm on white
Per saltire: black ferret on green, red and gold chequy
Green snakes on black
Black bar on silver
Silver helm with sprig of broom on chequy black and green
Black bear in green woods
Green willow on white
Triple spiral, red, green, and blue, on white
Crossed silver quills on tawny
White weasel on reverse ermine
Golden wreath on blue with gold border
Nine yellow trefoils on black cross on ermine
Ten white wolf heads on gray with black border
Three white hedgehogs on yellow
White onion on black ship on grey
Three yellow beehives on black
Gold flagon on burgundy with chequy gold and white border
Black crowned battle-axes on gold
Red sun on yellow sky over gray-green waves
Nine black bats on yellow
Hooded blue hawk on silver
Winged black heart on gold with black embattled border
Two swans counterchanged black and white
Green ivy on black masonry
Green arrow on white bend on green
Yellow and red rooster's head on white on red
Peacock on cream
Silver dagger crossed with black mace on green and white
Black kettle on red with black tressure
Brindled boar on brown
Three pepperpots on saffron bend on green and silver
Orange wavy bend on black
Inverted yellow Y and three lion's heads on black
Six fanned silver arrows on brown
Red, white, and gold feathers on black
Red sea lion and two black columns on white
Golden coins on purple and white
Saltire of golden rings on sky-blue
Green ouroboros on gold
Quartered: golden tent on blue, green wreath on white
Flame-capped white tower on gray
Black and orange butterflies on white
Blue, red, and green bars on white
Crowned skull on black
Silver trout on red and blue
Black or green dragon on white
Mockingbird (or Titan) on green
Emerald-studded crown on brown
White catfish on black below blue, red, and green
Black wings on white bar on chequy black and gray
Black and green vair
Ten black roundels on red
Six yellow flowers on blue
Red three-headed dragon on black
Crossed black spears on chequy silver and gold
Three gray owls on white plates on green
Green saltire and four red two-headed eagles on white
Two knights counterchanged white and lavender
Gold hand on gyronny black and red
Five yellow mascles on green
Dark green pines on yellow
Red Y on oak
White badger on green and brown
Golden pile and sun on blue
Three black water-lilies on lavender
Twining green waterspouts on white
Gold rose on green
Two black warhammers on white saltire on blue
Silver dolphin on blue-green
Nine-headed black serpent on silver
Leopard with golden axe on blue and white
Three gold harps on black over silver and gold
Black and white chequy bend sinister on grey
Bloody golden spear on black
Three oaken barrels on white
Golden scale on white with two blue tressures
Red ox on ermine
Stone hand on white Y on black and gray
Green and brown stripes counterchanged
Pily gray and black
Black horse head with red mane and eyes on bronze with black border
Brown knot on white
White ram's head with golden horns on red
Brown bull moose on dark orange
Black hanged man on blue
Gold antlers on vair
Horn of plenty on white with gold border
Castle, counterchanged orange and black per bend sinister rayonne
Two-headed pelican counterchanged black and pink
Three stalks of yellow wheat on brown
Green hand on gold on green on red rayonne
Pily flame and black
Burgundy grapes on blue
Embattled black cross on white
Crossed bronze keys on white and purple
Black lizard-lion on gray-green
Black sleeping lion on yellow
Partial eclipse on dusty pink

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