Monarchs of Gondor

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SA 3320-3441Founded the Realms in Exile
SA 3441-TA 2Cut the Ring from Sauron's Hand
TA 2-158Fourth Son of Anarion
324-411Last King to dwell in Osgiliath during the Summer
411-491Rebuilt Minas Anor
491-541Defeated the Easterlings
541-667Conqured much of Rhovanion
830-913First of the Ship-Kings
913-936Captured Umbar
936-1015Slain while Umbar was besieged
1015-1149Last of the Ship-Kings
1149-1226Famous for his great wealth
1304-1366Built the Argonath
1366-1432Married a woman from Rhovanion
1432-1437, 1447-1490Legitamate King during the Kin-Strife
1437-1447Usurped the throne during the Kin-Strife
1490-1540Fought with the Corsairs of Umbar
1540-1621Defeated the Haradrim
1621-1634Slain at Pelargir
1634-1636Died in the Great Plague
1636-1798Removed the Capital to Minas Anor
1798-1850Captured Umbar
1850-1856Slain at the Battle of the Plains
1856-1936Liberated Rhovanion
1936-1944Slain by Wainriders
1944-2043Proclaimed King after the Battle of the Camp
2044-2050Vanished at Minas Morgul
TA 3019-FA 120Reunited Arnor and Gondor
FA 120-?Born in FA 43

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