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InfoLocationAlternate Name
Home of Elrond Half-ElvenImladris
Held a PalantirEmyn Beraid
Kingdom Under the MountainErebor
Home of TreebeardEntwood
Home of Galadriel and CelebornLaurelindórinan
Home of the Wood ElvesGreenwood the Great
Ancient Numenorian WatchtowerAmon Sul
Second Capital of ArnorNorbury of the Kings
Fortress of the RohirrimAglarond
Ancient Numenorian Tower Near the Gap of RohanAngrenost
Minas AnorTower of The Guard (Setting Sun)
Sister City of AboveTower of the Rising Moon
Ancient Capital of GondorCitadel of the Host of Stars
Home of CirdanMithlond
Southern Realm of Numenorians in ExileLand of Stone
Home of the Horse LordsCalenardhon
Home of Gil-galadLand of the Singers
Home of Luthien and ThingolFenced Lands
InfoLocationAlternate Name
Where Sting, Orchrist, and Glamdring Were MadeHidden Rock
Home of Finrod FelagundThe Great Underground Fortress on the River Narog
Greatest City of the DwarvesKhazad-Dum
Home of FrodoSuza
Home of BardEsgaroth
Location of MoriaHithaeglir
Mountains Near The Shores of Western Middle-EarthEred Luin
Mountains Near to GondorEred Nimrais
Flows Through ImladrisBruinen
Flows Out of EreborRunning River
Flows Through the ArgonathThe Great River
Separates The Shire from BucklandBaraduin
Eastern Most of the Undying LandsThe Lonely Isle
Mountains Surrounding AmanMountains of Defense
The Valar's HomeThe Undying Lands
City of the ValarCity of Bells
Home of Manwe and VardaHoly Mountain

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