Name the Elf-Kindreds of Middle Earth

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Can you name the Elf-Kindreds of Middle Earth?

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InformationElf KindredExtra Information
ElvesAll Elves
Light ElvesElves Who Have Seen The Light of the Trees
Dark ElvesElves Who Have Not Seen the Light of the Trees
Elves Who Took the Journey to AmanAll Elves Who Left For Aman Whether They Made it or Not
Fair ElvesThe Favorite of Manwe
Deep ElvesElves of Tirion apon Tuna
Sea ElvesElves of Alqualonde
InformationElf KindredExtra Information
Grey ElvesElves Whos Stayed in Beleriand
Elves Who Turned Aside at the AnduinLenwe's People
Elves of Mirkwood and LorienMingling of the Sindar, Nandor, and Avari
Elves of the FalasCirdan's People
The UnwillingNever Left for Aman
Green Elves of OssiriandNandor Who Came to Beleriand

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