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Sugar cookies topped with small candies
Chewy, monster-sized oatmeal cookies stuffed with nuts and chocolate chips, enhanced with a hint of cinnamon
Cookie rolled in a cinnamon-sugar mixture whose name is possibly derived from the German word Schneckennudeln, meaning 'snail noodles'
An airy, sweet and and crisp cookie that seems to almost melt in your mouth.
A soft and spongy cookie that is spiced and sometimes topped with cream cheese frosting
Traditionally a Christmas cookie that blends butter, sugar, and flour to make a rich and delicate tasting cookie.
The cookie variation of a buttery dessert cake made famous originally in St. Louis
Peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate; named after the tree nut it resembles
A spiced cookie more traditionally known for its role in creating houses and men.
A type of 'cookie' made with marshmallow creme and cocoa.
A candy-like square made with marshmallows, cereal, and margarine
Nutty cookies that are rolled in powdered sugar; well known for their presence at celebrations in a Central American country
A sweet cookie made with coconut and often dipped in chocolate
Peanut butter cookie with chocolate candy on top.
You can tailor the shape of the cookie to the occasion but you can also dress them simply with granulated or colored sugars or make them very decorative by frosting them.
Rugalach is a Eastern European cookie that is made with a cream cheese flavored dough that is cut into triangles and rolled around a filling to form a crescent
Thin Italian waffle-like cookies
Buttery cookies filled with jam
A drop-cookie that originated in the United States containing sweet morsels
A crisp and chewy cookie that can be filled with chocolate chips (white or dark chocolate), dried fruits, and/or chopped nuts.
This highly addictive, sugar coated cookie gets its chewy texture and spicy flavor from adding dark brown sugar, [NAME OF COOKIE], and spices (cinnamon, ginger and cloves) to the b
A large, twice-baked cookie often eaten with coffee

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