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'There's a certain enjoyment to be had writing things such as 88 = -13 on a blackboard'
'I don't want to write out all the steps, because you fall asleep, I know'
'And by the mean value theorem, I need a new blackboard'
'Writing numbers with negative bases is eccentric.'
'Really the best option would be to label sections in powers of 2'
'Not just because I like looking better than the man who wrote the book.'
'My chalk will hardly change the motion of the earth'
'If you ride a bicycle, the wheel is a nice round thing that rolls along the ground'
'The subject starts looking like organic chemistry'
'Whence isn't an English word?'
'I cribbed this from Youtube...'
'There will be either none or infinitely zero'
'I try to write this so you can all read it, but I sometimes fail. Nobody's perfect.'
'Computer Scientists draw their trees upside down: this is just a fact of life'
'There is an inverse element, for when you multiply two elements together and then wish you hadn’t.'
'What is a circle? Everyone asks what it is... Nice and round thing.'
'We want λv to be killed by φ here'
'Is there some question popping into your mind...? I think there is, but you’re just not saying.'
'If I wrote this number out, it would cross the room and end up in the Vice-Chancellor's car park'
'In case you can't visualise a cube, I've brought one with me'

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