Name the Ainur from 'The Silmarillion'

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Can you name the Ainur from Tolkien's 'Silmarillion'?

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ValarHing King of Arda
ValarLord of Waters
ValarThe Smith
ValarDoomsman of the Valar
ValarHuntsmen of the Valar
ValarThe Queen of the Stars
ValarQueen of the Earth
ValarThe Lady of Tears
ValarMaster of Dreams
ValarStrongest of the Valar
ValarThe Gentle
ValarThe Weaver
ValarThe Ever-Young
ValarThe Dance
AinurThe Dark Lord
MaiarMaiar of the Sun
MaiarSteersman of the Moon
MaiarMaia of the Coastlands
MaiarLady of the Seas
MaiarMaker of the Ulumuri
MaiarQueen of Doriath
IstariWhite Wizard
IstariGrey Wizard
IstariBrown Wizard
IstariBlue Wizard
IstariBlue Wizard
MaiarThe Second Dark Lord
MaiarLord of Balrogs

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