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Updated Sep 16, 2014

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◊Meat from young sheep◊
The surface or side post of a doorway
Squeezes or packs tightly
Structures used to hold back water
___ Aykroyd & ___ Marino
Damp, musty
When the ball is slammed in the basket in basketball
◊Meat from water fowl◊
A place where a boat can stop
Slang for someone stupid or not cool
◊Meat from pigs◊
A benefit for being part of a group
To look at quickly
To smell unpleasant
An outcropping of coral in the ocean
◊Meat from bovine◊
Insects that collect pollen
Picks up with the eyes
An Ice-Water Pokemon
An important figure's insignia
To return to health
Where Satan resides
A corridor in a building
Bold behavior
Slang for girls
Two friends who often write mail to each other: 'Pen ____'
To die, or ____ away
Density = ____ divided by volume
A title used to describe an unmarried woman
An insult
A circular platter to eat off
◊Seafood from a water animal◊
A hand with the fingers curled up
Italian car brand
Smooth and even
A basic pattern of drumming
◊Seafood from mollusks◊
To squeeze something in
◊Seafood from a crustacean◊

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