Word Ladder: Potty Mouth!

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Can you name the the 4-letter words involving the bathroom in this themed word ladder?

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☁You may have one to clean yourself☁
A direction of choice or a paved road
Softly hitting
Beneath your arms
'___ and needles'
A combination of red and white
☁Used to wash one's hands in☁
Immoral acts
Iver and Jovi
Large constrictor snakes
A water-travel device
A high shoe which can be used in the rain
A children's animated character: Betty ____
Chickens live in this
A sudden seizure of power from the government
Chicken noodle or french onion
☁What you use to clean yourself during a [Rung 1]☁
☁What you do when you are in a [Rung 1]☁
This is inside your shoes
What you do to a lollipop or taffy candy
☁A rubber toy that makes a [Rung 1] fun☁
☁You do this to your head to wash your hair in [Rung 1]☁
Multiple things of a grayish-brown color
Unofficial nicknames
☁Where one may have a [Rung 1]☁

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