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Defensemen-Vancouver Canucks
Free Agent Tight End
GM of Buffalo Bills
Owner of New York Mets
Left Fielder-Milwaukee Brewers
Owner of Minnesota Vikings
Pitcher-Chicago Cubs
Second Baseman-Texas Rangers
First Baseman-Arizona Diamondbacks
Right Wing-Calgary Flames
Coach of Charlotte Bobcats
Forward-Sacramento Kings
Owner of Cleveland Cavaliers
Pitcher-Colorado Rockies
LPGA Tour Golfer
NHL Comissioner
MLB Commissioner
Goaltender-Dallas Stars
First Baseman, Third Baseman & Left Fielder-Boston Red Sox
Pitcher-Arizona Diamondbacks
PGA Tour Golfer
Owner of Milwaukee Bucks
Pitcher-Oakland Athletics
Free Agent Quaterback
Owner of Atlanta Falcons
PGA Tour Golfer
Forward-Houston Rockets
Owner of Anaheim Ducks
GM of Tampa Bay Rays
Outfielder-Chicago Cubs
Owner of New England Patriots
PGA Tour Golfer
Owner of Dallas Mavericks
GM of Washington WIzards
Guard-St. Louis Rams
Pitcher-Texas Rangers
Owner of Washington Wizards
GM of Cleveland Indians
U.S. Gymnast
Defensive End-Dallas Cowboys
NBA Commisioner
Owner of Tampa Bay Rays
Free Agent Punter
Catcher-Los Angeles Dodgers
NBA Coach of New Jersey Nets
Guard-New York Liberty
Womens Tennis Player
Owner/GM Oakland Raiders
GM Boston Red Sox
Owner of New Jersey Nets
Owner of Washington Redskins
Center-Montreal Canadiens
Left Wing-Calgary Flames
Owner of Philadelphia Flyers
Owner of Cleveland Browns
Center-Tampa Bay Lightning
MLS Commissioner
Center-New York Islanders
Owner of St. Louis Rams
owner of Toronto Maple Leafs & Toronto Raptors
PGA Tour Golfer
Owner of Oakland Athletics
owner of Chicago Bulls & Chicago White Sox
LPGA Golfer
Outfielder-Tampa Bay Rays
Owner of Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Majority Owner of Manchester United
Owner of Edmonton Oilers
Owner of Philadelphia Eagles
Guard-Los Angeles Lakers

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