Jews In Sports

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Can you name the Jews In Sports(See Comments for more detalils)?

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Pitcher-Oakland Athletics
owner of Chicago Bulls & Chicago White Sox
First Baseman-Arizona Diamondbacks
owner of Toronto Maple Leafs & Toronto Raptors
PGA Tour Golfer
Catcher-Los Angeles Dodgers
Center-New York Islanders
Pitcher-Arizona Diamondbacks
MLB Commissioner
PGA Tour Golfer
U.S. Gymnast
NHL Comissioner
Right Wing-Calgary Flames
GM of Cleveland Indians
Pitcher-Texas Rangers
Owner of Cleveland Cavaliers
Guard-St. Louis Rams
MLS Commissioner
Owner of Oakland Athletics
Owner of Washington Redskins
Owner of Atlanta Falcons
Second Baseman-Texas Rangers
Pitcher-Colorado Rockies
Owner of Minnesota Vikings
Owner of Dallas Mavericks
First Baseman, Third Baseman & Left Fielder-Boston Red Sox
Free Agent Tight End
Outfielder-Tampa Bay Rays
Free Agent Punter
PGA Tour Golfer
Womens Tennis Player
Owner of Edmonton Oilers
GM of Washington WIzards
Guard-New York Liberty
Owner of Milwaukee Bucks
Forward-Houston Rockets
NBA Coach of New Jersey Nets
Owner of Anaheim Ducks
Guard-Los Angeles Lakers
Pitcher-Chicago Cubs
Forward-Sacramento Kings
Free Agent Quaterback
PGA Tour Golfer
GM Boston Red Sox
Owner of New England Patriots
GM of Tampa Bay Rays
Defensemen-Vancouver Canucks
Owner of New Jersey Nets
Owner/GM Oakland Raiders
Defensive End-Dallas Cowboys
Outfielder-Chicago Cubs
Owner of Washington Wizards
Center-Tampa Bay Lightning
Center-Montreal Canadiens
Owner of St. Louis Rams
Owner of Tampa Bay Rays
Owner of Cleveland Browns
Left Wing-Calgary Flames
Goaltender-Dallas Stars
Owner of Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Majority Owner of Manchester United
NBA Commisioner
LPGA Golfer
LPGA Tour Golfer
Coach of Charlotte Bobcats
Owner of Philadelphia Eagles
Owner of Philadelphia Flyers
GM of Buffalo Bills
Left Fielder-Milwaukee Brewers
Owner of New York Mets

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