Queen Album Covers by Description

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Can you name the Queen album covers by the given description (studio albums only)?

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The members' faces morphed into one in front of a blue sky.1989
A giant robot holding the seemingly dead bodies of the members.1977
Outlines of the members' faces in four quadrants: red, blue, green, and yellow.1982
White rings on a black background with the album's title in pink.1978
The members lying on a black background,'Queen' and the album name are in red letters, the members are sweaty 1974
The band's crest on a black background, similar to that of its predecessor.1976
The four members in leather jackets with a silver background.1980
The band's crest on a white background in shades of pink, blue, yellow, orange, green.1975
Freddie's silhouette with a purple light shining on him.1973
The four members' faces on a black background, Freddie's hands are crossed.1974
Color 19th-century illustration of a clown juggling the planets.1991
Roger, John, and Brian overlooking the statue of Freddie that overlooks Lake Geneva in Switzerland.1995
Black-and-white photo of the members sitting down.1984
Caricatures of the members with blue skin, surrounded by confetti, black background.1986

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