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Has an affair with Clytmnestra
Survivor of the fall of Troy and grandfather of the founders of Rome
Guilty of patricide and incest
Victim of fratricide by the founder of Rome
Conflicted protagonist of The Iliad
Cyclops blinded by Odysseus
Greedy king with too much gold
Emperor who raised the pay of Roman soldiers
'Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears!'
Brutus says he is ambitious
Virgin sacrifice at the Port of Aulis
A man tantalized for eternity in the Underworld
Judge of the dead
Achaean soldier who wounds Aphrodite
Mastermind behind the first set of Draconian laws
Author of The Republic
Tutor of Alexander the Great
The face that launched a thousand ships
Author of The Aenead
Blind bard who told the stories of Achilles and Odysseus
Son of Pelops forced into cannibalism

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