Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

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Character DescriptionCharacter Name
Name of the neighborhood in which the show takes place
First name of Mr. Rogers (and 'Mister' is not the answer')
The delivery man
The miniturized, motorized transportation that ran through Mr. Rogers' home
The king of the make believe neighborhood
The king's wife
The queen and king's son
The kooky bird that lives in an oak treek
Character DescriptionCharacter Name
'meow, meow, meow, meow...'
The outspoken, cranky schemer who took over the Museum-Go-Round; often known to say 'Okay, toots.'
A shy introvert who lives in a clock
The ingenious, quirky proprietor of a factory specializing in rocking chairs, AKA 'Corny'
A French tiger and bon-vivant who lives west of the castle in the Eiffel Tower, French for 'grandfather'
King Friday's comely niece and frequently the 'main' character of the segments
A police officer who sometimes helps out the king
A Spanish-speaking mouse who can do anything with his hula hoop

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