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How many Disney Princes are there?
Which Prince is the first to revive his Princess with a true love's kiss?
Which Prince's best friend is a monkey?
Which Prince has an accent?
Which Prince was not human for the longest time?
Which Prince was named after the husband of Queen Elizabeth II of the UK?
Which Disney Prince has facial hair (excluding fur)?
Which Prince is the only one to not sing in the film?
Which Prince has amber eyes?
Who is the only Prince to not end up with the Disney Princess at the end of the film?
Which Prince dances on clouds with the Princess?
Which 2 Princes have dogs as pets?
Which Prince is the only one to not kiss the Princess in the first film?
Which Prince is the only one to be the main protagonist of his film?
Which Prince spends the least amount of time with his love interest on screen?
Which 2 Princes were thieves?
Who is the only Prince to have both his parents alive?
Which 2 Princes have their bare chests visible in their films?
Who is the only blonde?
Who is the only redhead?
Which 2 Princes are known to own horses?
Which 2 Princes use fake names?
The weddings of which 3 Princes are shown?
Which 2 Princes have dimples?
Which Prince has a younger brother?

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