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Can you name the Charmed episode titles by the first letter that's given (season 1)?

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First letters of Charmed episode titlesEpisodeHint
S_ W_ T_ W_ C_Phoebe comes back to San Francisco and the sisters
I_ G_ Y_ U_ M_ S_Phoebe meets a famous photographer who sucks the life out of young women
T_ Y_ F_ N_ M_The sisters' father returns, but he joins up with the evil neighbours
D_ M_ D_Piper falls for a recently murdered man
D_ S_Prue finds her sleep disturbed by a mysterious man
T_ W_ F_ H_Piper has to cater a wedding, but discovers that the bride is a demon goddess
T_ F_ S_A teenage girl wants to join the Halliwells, but she's been lured to the dark powers of witchcraft
T_ T_ I_ O_ T_ A_ I_ H_Prue casts a truth spell to see what Andy's reaction to her being a witch will be
T_ W_ I_ B_A warlock from the past is released from his curse, and the sisters need Melinda Warren's help
W_ E_When Prue is accused of stealing a tiara, the sisters find out that Rex and Hannah are warlocks
F_ O_ C_Phoebe's ex-boyfriend Clay comes to visit, and brings with him a cursed Egyptain urn
First letters of Charmed episode titlesEpisodeHint
T_ W_Piper is attacked by a vicious beast, so Andy and an FBI agent hunt down the creature
F_ F_ T_ E_The Demon of Fear has returned and has to kill 13 witches, including the Charmed Ones
S_ A_ G_Prue helps a young witch who has been kidnapped, while Phoebe helps Leo to break up with Piper
I_ T_ A_ W_ I_ T_ H_ ?After an earthquake Phoebe is possessed by a shadow demon, and tries to kill Prue and Piper
W_ P_ I_ I_ A_ ?Phoebe 'sees' Prue being killed by a warrior, so they duplicate Prue
T_ '7_ E_The sisters go back in time to prevent a pact their mother did
W_ B_ W_ T_ G_Prue tries to help a man who wants to become a priest in order to prevent becoming a warlock of the evil Charmed Ones
O_ O_ S_Two little boys are kidnapped, and a reporter sees Prue using her powers
T_ P_ O_ T_In Alcatraz Phoebe sees the ghost of a killer escape
L_ H_A darklighter is chasing a girl, and also shoots Leo
D_ V_ A_ O_ A_A demon tries to kill the Charmed Ones, using the help of a time turning demon

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