Southernmost European Cities

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Can you name the largest European cities south of Africa's northernmost point (Ras ben Sakka, Tunisia, 37 N 21 W)?

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572,83336.72°N 4.42°W
240,50435.16°N 33.38°E
238,18937.17°N 3.59°W
215,23936.68°N 6.13°W
193,78236.83°N 2.43°W
181,75134.68°N 33.05°E
145,79736.52°N 4.89°W
140,75635.33°N 25.13°E
121,97136.53°N 6.29°W
120,62437.07°N 15.29°E
119,08236.13°N 5.45°W

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