Largest US Cities South of San Diego

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Can you name the Largest U.S. cities south of San Diego (32.81°N)?

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2,099,45129.77°N 95.39°W
1,327,40729.46°N 98.51°W
1,197,81632.79°N 96.77°W
821,78430.33°N 81.66°W
790,39030.31°N 97.75°W
741,20632.75°N 97.34°W
649,12131.85°N 106.44°W
520,11632.20°N 110.89°W
399,45725.78°N 80.21°W
365,43832.69°N 97.13°W
343,82930.07°N 89.93°W
337,25621.32°N 157.80°W
335,70927.96°N 82.48°W
305,21527.71°N 97.29°W
244,76927.76°N 82.64°W
243,91632.63°N 117.04°W
238,30028.50°N 81.37°W
236,09127.53°N 99.49°W
229,49330.45°N 91.13°W
224,66925.86°N 80.30°W
205,76432.35°N 86.28°W

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