Largest Cities between 70 and 80 degrees W longitude

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Can you name the largest cities between 70 and 80 degrees west longitude??

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8,193,71840.67°N 73.94°W
8,165,88512.07°S 77.05°W
7,539 2934.63°N 74.09°W
5,279,19033.46°S 70.64°W
5,210,09043.65°N 79.38°W
3,433,47345.52°N 73.57°W
2,440,1272.21°S 79.90°W
2,420,3336.29°N 75.54°W
2,386,46110.73°N 71.66°W
2,277,9563.44°N 76.52°W
1,777,6720.19°S 78.50°W
1,522,64740.01°N 75.13°W
1,144,30110.96°N 74.80°W
969,76316.39°S 71.53°W
945,43845.42°N 75.71°W
943,16310.40°N 75.50°W
892,1758.11°S 79.03°W
886,13233.61°S 70.57°W
807,30118.54°N 72.34°W
703,41546.82°N 71.23°W
696,20619.48°N 70.69°W
674,91543.26°N 79.85°W
620,84442.34°N 71.02°W
617,9327.88°N 72.51°W
617,17410.92°N 74.77°W
613,98439.30°N 76.61°W
603,86038.91°N 77.02°W
576,94617.99°N 76.80°W
541,51118.53°N 72.42°W
540,7066.76°S 79.84°W

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