Legal Terms: Equitable Courts

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I - An order prohibiting or requiring specific conduct, no contract required
P or T - Answer to #1, except it lasts only a short period of time
D - A judgment in a court of equity
S - A remedy ordering a party to a contract to do what the contract requires
C - A judge in a court of equity
R - A remedy by which a contract is treated as though it was never made
E - A doctrine barring Party A from enforcing rights inconsistent with A's prior representations on which adverse Party B reasonably relied to B's detriment
R - A remedy by which a contract is changed to conform to the originally intended agreement
L - A doctrine that bars a claim because it was not brought in a timely fashion
C - An action among joint tortfeasors for recovery of partial judgment
U - A doctrine barring a party's equitable claim because they themselves acted inequitably
C - A trust created as an equitable remedy
R - One appointed to manage a business or property pending final disposition
P - A clerk or register in a court of equity

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